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How to Register/Activate SBI Net Banking @

You may also apply to activate SBI net banking account online by visit official website.

Here, you need to download the online banking account application form and then submit to the nearest SBI branch. You can also collect the application form from branch.

Activate SBI Internet Banking Online @

The State bank of India has provided the facility of internet banking to its account holders. Every account holder can access their account and make the online transaction from their account. SBI’s customer can access and use online banking at any time.

Online banking has many facilities like users can access their account from anywhere and also anytime. Internet banking flexibility to the customer to access their account from anywhere all you just need to have an active internet connection and a system.

They can use online banking to check account balance enquiry, mini statement, paying bills, for paying an insurance premium, for doing shopping online.

All the things become easier with internet banking. Just a click and done. Now there is no need to find a branch of the bank or go to theirs. No need to stand in a queue to and wait for your turn to come. So, Just turn on your computer and get connected to the internet.

How to Activate Online SBI Net Banking

  • Download the internet banking form

Visit SBI website and Download the internet banking form from its website. 

sbi internet banking registration form
  • Fill the registration form

Fill all your detail in the form .You need to fill your name, mobile number, email id and date of birth. And after filling the details you need to fill your account number and lastly signs that form and mark it date. 

fill sbi registration form
  • Visit the SBI branch

Now you need visit your SBI branch along with the internet banking registration form. Only that branch where you hold account.

sbi branch
  • Get Internet banking kit

Hand over your registration form to banking personnel and he will guide you about further process and handover you the internet banking kit. The internet banking kit contains a username and password. 

sbi internet banking kit

SBI Net Banking Activation Online

As you have your SBI banking kit means you have your username and password for internet banking. You can change the username and password once you login with the username and password in internet banking kit. It’s recommended that either you changed both your username and password after first use or destroy the credential so that your account remains always safe.

Steps to Activate SBI Net Banking Online

Let’s start with SBI Internet banking activation process:

  1. Go to and click on login to personal banking tab. You will be redirected to nets screen. onlinesbi
  2. On the next screen  you will some instruction that can make your account safe. Read the instruction and click on ‘continue to login’ bottom. sbi net banking instructions
  3. You will see another page where you can login your username and password available in the net banking kit. Enter the username and password as in internet banking and hit ‘login‘ username and password
  4. When you login for the first time it will ask you to create a new password and username to make your account more secure. Choose and reset your password and username. As when you finished with your entering new password and username, you will be asked to enter a profile password. Profile password will provide you two level security to your internet banking profile password
  5. After choosing a login username and password, you will be asked to enter the profile password. Profile password is second level security for doing banking transactions.


You are all done. Your SBI net banking is activated now and you can login with your username and password set by you. So your bank is now just a one click away. If you have any query then you can feel free to ask to customer care department to help you 24*7 for better help.

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