Call Centers & Work from Home Jobs at Alaska Air or Horizon Air

Alaska Air offers call center agent jobs either from their location or from at home which handles everything like urgent travel plan changes or mileage award travel. This unique job offers you out of the box thinking which is related to close interaction with customers of airlines who need to change their schedules.

Contact Center – Problem Solvers of Alaska Air

This airline is working round the clock for the convenience of its passengers either from the office or from far away by its call centers.

Their contact centers are situated in Kent, WA; Phoenix, AZ; and Boise, ID. It may be possible that you are not connected with your co-workers as this opportunity is purely a back-office work. However, everyone is required to work at the call center once in a month. Many of their agents are working from home as well as in the office.

Continuous Job Schedule

For any employee of the airlines, the prime requirement is that the employee must be available to work a minimum five shifts of eight hours per week. This schedule includes evenings and holidays. The choice of shift is also given to senior employees and you are having a trade shift between you and another agent as per your contingency.

Hiring Process of Call Center Jobs

  • First, they review the application made by desperate candidates.
  • Second, they select and invite several applications to attend for the interview.
  • Third, once you are successful they made an offer on the spot.
  • Then, they give you a class date to start your training.

You will start with a three-week office training after your class. And you have to pay for transportation and accommodation. After completion of training, you can choose to work from home also but you require to work at the call center at list one day in a month.


This job gives you a chance to enhance your public speaking skills and interaction with the customers by way of diversity of language. If you are looking for a challenging job, you can apply for the same. For more details please visit the official portal of Alaskas air. You may also go for the other section of the job, if you are interested then, please go to the homepage.

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