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Worried about your password? Want to change your Alaskasworld or horizon air pet login password?  then, we are here to provide you the exact solution to your issue. Here’s how you can manage your login credentials on the Alaskasworld fly pet login portal.

Change Fly Pet Login Password

For changing the password of your paperless employee login portal, you need to have to follow various steps in the desired sequence as specified by the Alaska air. The detailed procedure is mentioned sequentially here to change your password as requested by you. One thing is to be noted here that you must have to remember your username and email address which you have given while registering your user profile with horizon air or Alaska airlines. If you do not remember your username then, you have to follow the different procedures to reset your username with them.

Here are the steps:

  • Step 1: Open your browser and go to and click on the second option as depicted in the
  • Step 2: Now click on the tab option under sign in to change your password as given below.change alaskasworld login
  • Step 3: You must have to enter your username and current password and verify your new password.alaskasworld change password
  • Step 4: While setting up a new password, you must observe all of the following criteria.
  • Step 5: Your password cannot be a repetition of earlier last 24 passwords.
  • Step 6: It must be a minimum of 8 characters as desired by you.
  • Step 7: It should not contain your name or any part of your name.
  • Step 8: The combination of passwords may be of uppercase characters, lowercase characters, special characters, and numerals.
  • Step 9: One thing is to be noted here that, spaces are not counted in these characters. It only occupies the length of your password.
  • Step 10: After completing all these steps, hit the change password button as shown in the above image. Yey! your password is changed successfully, now you can access your profile with new credentials.

This procedure is only for the changes required in your current password for the Alaskasworld pet login portal. If you do not remember your password or username then, you have to follow the different methods mentioned here.

For more queries and detailed explanations on this issue, please visit the official portal.


This is not the official login page of Alaskasworld airlines and horizon air. We have just mentioned the basic idea of how to change your existing password on the Alaskasworld paperless employee travel login portal. Please do not share your username or any other information here.

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