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How to check SBI Life Insurance Policy Registration Status at

SBI online banking portal allows you to check the status of SBI life insurance policy. You just need to register your policy and login with SBI online banking account. it gives you reminder about next premium due.

State bank of India is one of the oldest banks in India. It has started its operation from prior independence period. It’s one of the biggest banks of India and also the rank amount the top 50 banks of the world. It first started its operation as a bank of Calcutta on 2 June 1806. Later it adopts the name of the imperial bank on 27 January 1921 and on 1 July 1955, it got its final name as state bank of India.

The state bank of India’s total asset worth is US$ 460 billion. It has more than 14000 branches out of which it is operating 191 foreign branches which are spread over 36 countries. More than 2 lakh employees get employment under this band.

SBI bank is known to give best service to its customer. Now the bank has adopted digitization and most of its service can be used online through its web portal. As you can transfer money into other accounts, pay utility bills; make your mobile recharge, make DTH recharge and much more.

Even you can also pay your health insurance premium through its online SBI. You just need to use your online banking account and get your premium paid. But for paying your premium you need to register your policy number with your online SBI banking account.

Let’s take a look how can register your policy with online SBI and pay your SBI life insurance premium online.

SBI offer a special service to all insurance policy holder who is holding a life insurance policy from SBI life insurance, that the can know the status of their policy with their online banking account. You

All those people who are having SBI insurance policy can check the status of their policy VIA SBI online policy tracker. This feature of SBI online helps the policyholder to keep track on the time as when their next premium will be due and how much amount they need to as the premium.

SBI life insurance premium online

This feature very helpful for those who forget as when their premium will be due.

However, every policyholder can contact SBI life policy agent at any time to know regarding the policy, premium r renewals. But online tracking VIA SBI online is a very quick process.

How to Register Yourself For Knowing Your SBI Policy Status

Users need to create an account via SBI my policy to make use of SBI online policy tracker. You need to enter your policy details like policy number, customer ID, Email ID and their date of birth to register yourself.

Once you filled all details, then you are required to choose a login name and create a secure password. Try to set a password that has both alphabet and numeric values in it as it is safer password.

The online POLICY tracker enables the users to set alerts for due dates of their premium and you can also get alerted via SMS.

As you are a registered user now so you can also pay premium through SBI online payment, via master card, American express, and internet banking.

sbi life inurance

You can choose a number of insurance plans according to your need and limitations. Insurance gives a peace of mind to all those who love their dear one and also give them a feeling of security that their loved will always be safe.

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