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Download SBI Buddy Mobile Wallet Application | SBI e-Wallet App

SBI mobile buddy wallet app allows to you do banking from your mobile phone. You can download it from play store and after signing in you can start online banking.

State bank of India (SBI) is one of the largest commercial banks in India in terms of deposits, branches, employees, assets, customers, and profits. Its public sector banking, financial services, and an Indian multinational company. Well, this is a government owned organization whose headquarter is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. SBI is one of the leading banks in India which has 16,000 branches all over the world. It also made its roots safe internationally as well. Currently, SBI has 191 branches all over the world in 36 countries.

SBI Buddy Mobile Wallet App

SBI started online banking services for their users so that they didn’t get any type of issues regarding paying payments. As SBI is a leading financial body in the nation. An internet banking services are useful for both users as well as bankers because it saves their time. Many of the people were connected with this bank. In fact, SBI always keeps updating and upgrading them when there is any new service launch by their side at a time.

Internet banking services given by SBI are one of the best internet services which always suggest their customers a large number of services. There is also a service of SBI Online which is one of them i.e. SBI Buddy Mobile Wallet App.

Well, as you know that mobile banking is the latest concept in India, so, the concept of the mobile wallet is, of course, rare. Very few persons are using this facility and some people aren’t able to understand the English language. There is the lot of apps like PayTM, Mobikwik but very few persons are using it. Mainly, in India, the concept of the mobile wallet is not in a working condition. The reason behind this is some of the people didn’t know how to use the internet service and some are confused with the English language. Now, SBI is trying so much to make that habit among the customers with their service i.e. SBI Buddy Mobile Wallet app.

The people who have an issue with an English language, SBI find the solution for them. SBI introduced some more vernacular elements in that app plus present the customers with a support of up to 13 languages. The service SBI buddy mobile wallet applications work only on internet connections. So, access Wi-Fi or an internet data on your smartphones and download this app. SBI also provides 24*7 hours customer support services to their users so that customers can get a solution of their queries immediately. 

Download SBI Buddy Wallet app on Hindi language

Let’s know about SBI Buddy Mobile Wallet App.

Process to download the SBI Buddy Mobile Wallet App. 

  • Download SBI Buddy Mobile Wallet app from Google play Store. 

download sbi buddy mobile app

  • First, you sign up for an app.
  • When you make an account then sign in.
  • While opening the app, a user needs to learn the PIN.
  • You can add money through SBI Online internet banking to the SBI Buddy Mobile Wallet app.
  • The customers can also use their mobile number to sign up.
  • After the process of signing up, you can access any language which you want.

Benefits of the SBI Buddy Mobile Wallet App.

  • Easily transfer the money to your contacts on Phonebook and Facebook. 

How does SBI Buddy Wallet app works

  • Easy payment of DTH bills, mobile recharges and other same bills.


If you have any query while using SBI Buddy app then, you can contact to SBI customer care department for help support.

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