Flight Attendants Jobs at Alaska Airlines & Horizon Air

If you are happy to meet new people and wish to provide a safe and convenient journey to the people then, a flight attendant’s job in Alaska Airlines is a responsible job for you.

Alaska Air offers you flight attendants job which is a fast, responsible and fun-loving job.

Qualifications Required for Flight Attendants in Alaska Airlines

  • Your Minimum age must be of 21 years or more.
  • A high school diploma or equivalent is compulsory.
  • You must have a minimum of 2 year experience as a customer or community service.
  • Work permit of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico are required.
  • The height of candidates must be approximately 5’2”.
  • A candidate has to Pass training and swimming test
  • Any person seeking a job should have integrity as a whole.
  • Love for travel and tolerance of busy schedule in starting of career.

Recruitment Process of Flight Attendants Jobs

When you apply for the flight attendants jobs in Alaska Airlines, they will first review your application. Then, selected several applicants will be invited to appear in the interview.

This interview is followed by an orientation program, group discussion, and personal interview.

Training Requirement

After accepting the offer letter from Alaska Airlines, A candidate must complete five and a six-week training program which is a tuition-free intensive training program. Then, the candidates are given training of fighting fires, save lives and take on any kind of obstacle in between the flight.

Training is conducted in Seattle, WA, and the stay will be provided by the company in shared hotel rooms.

Job Schedule After Training

For new flight attendants, the initial pool is a reserve pool. That means a block of time is scheduled in advance for newcomers. As when the requirements are generated then, they may be called for work within 2-3 hours short notice.

The duration of reservation in a pool is decided by the seniority base in your batch.

As a flight attendant, an employee will be a part of the association of flight attendants union.

Home Base

During the flight attendant training, airline gives you a home base which is a station of their choice. Your flight schedule will start from the home base and end or their. This base is upgraded based on seniority. You can also bid for change in base on the occasion of your promotion.

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