How to Check McDonald’s Gift Card Balance: Arch Card

McDonald’s gift card is an amazing tool for customers. If you want to check how much balance on your Arch card is left then, you can scroll down and check your McDonald’s gift card balance here. It is a rewarding gift offered by the popular fast-food chain to be grateful to its customers.

It also offers a gift card which is special, unique and beneficial for the customers. Gift cardholder can use the gift card to pay for the food online and at the restaurant. Now a day, the company offers a physical plastic gift card to its arch card

The McDonald’s is one of the leading fast-food restaurant chains of hamburgers, cheeseburgers, french fries and more menu in the world according to official figures McDonald’s serves over 52 million people in over 100 countries across the globe every day. The company was founded in 1955 and currently, the company operates over 36,900 restaurants across the world. If you want to know more about the food and the company then, please visit the FAQs section. You can also conduct a quick survey about the food which you had at McDonald’s.

Denominations of McDonald’s Gift Card

The McDonald’s gift card comes in different denomination from $5-$50, these gift cards are reloadable and they can be used nationwide at any participating restaurant. So, no need to worry about time and location, you can use your gift card anytime and anywhere.

denominations of mcdonalds gift card

Customers just need to reload their gift card regularly if they want to take benefits of it. Going with a gift card to the McDonald’s restaurants for enjoying the meal makes cashless communication between customer and company.

If you are in possession of a Mcdonald’s gift card and want to check the gift card balance continue with this article and follow the suggestions given in this.

Benefits of Mcdonald’s Gift Card

McDonald’s gift cards have many benefits. Here we are described some of that:

benefits of mcdonalds gift card

  • There is no expiry date of McDonald’s gift card and also no maintenance fees. It means no need to pay annual maintenance charges or renewal payment on your arch card.
  • These gift cards are redeemable at any time and at any participating restaurant location. i.e. you can buy anything under the denomination of the said gift card from the outlet. Even you can pay the differential amount of your food which is just more than the balance of your gift card.
  • The gift card user receives a special discount and also the latest deals all the time. The company may also offer free food to the valuable customer in terms of coupons, free meal and many more.
  • To qualify for the free meal and free food coupon code, you need to complete a McDVoice survey.

So, these are some important advantage of McDonald’s gift card. Due to these advantages, McDonald’s gift cards are unique than any other cards.

How can i check my McDonald’s gift card balance?

To check the balance of arch card regularly is an important task for customers. Because it will give an idea of reloading the gift card. There are 3 main methods with which you can check McDonald’s gift card balance:

Check McDonald’s Gift Card Balance Online:

The customer can check their McDonald’s gift card balance online on the official website. Checking of gift card balance online is a very quick and easy method. In order to check McDonald’s Gift Card balance online follow the steps given below:

  • Visit the official website to check gift card balance by clicking here.
  • On this page click on the “Check Your Balance” button provided at the bottom part of the page.
  • Enter your 16 digit Arch card number in the given field and proceed to the next step
  • After that, enter the code for verification after that click on the “Check Balance” button to proceed.
  • On the next page, you’ll see your gift card balance and transaction history on your gift card balance check online

Follow these simple steps to check the balance of your gift card effortlessly. 

McDonald’s Balance Check at Stores:

You may ask the person concerned at the outlet to know your arch card balance by showing them your card. They can give you detailed information on how much balance is left on your McDonald’s gift card. To check the gift card balance by visiting the store, follow the process given below:

  • To locate any nearest McDonald’s restaurant, go to restaurant locator.
  • In this page, fill your Zip, City, State in the search box and tap on the “Submit” button.
  • Another way, you can either use the “Locate Me” feature to search the nearest restaurant location.
  • After locating a nearby restaurant, visit the location and use the card machine to access your gift card balance information.
  • You can connect McDonald’s free WiFi to access internet and check your arch card balance from your laptop or smartphone.

Gift Card Balance Check by Customer Support Service:

If you are still not satisfied then, you can call their customer support services 24*7 to check your balance. You can also get help by dialing their customer service help desk.

Another method to check balance contacting the customer service support. You can connect to customer support service via phone. Here is some information about customer support service:

  • Simply, you need to dial a number from your phone to connect with customer support: Call on 1-877-458-2200.
  • When your call has been connected, listen carefully to the instructions of the supporter.
  • Select the desired helpline for your balance inquiry.
  • When prompted provide your 16-digit gift card number and wait for a few moments.
  • After that you need to do verification, the operator will provide you the information of your interest.

As McDonald’s customer support service is very careful and quick responsive about their customers, they will surely help you. Therefore, you can check your gift card balance without internet access.

Lost or Stolen McDonald’s Gift Card

Your gift card is lost or stolen? Then don’t worry about it. Yes, the company provides a replacement if you have lost or misplaced your gift card or if it has been stolen. For replacement of card, you have to provide original activation and reload receipt for verification to the company. After that, they will issue a replacement card for you.

To request a replacement for a lost, stolen or damaged gift card you can contact the customer services support at this number: (800) 244-6227. It will take 4 to 6 week to replace your card. So, cooperate with them, they will deliver it to you. And do not forget to give feedback about the response of customers by completing free survey of customer satisfaction survey by McDonald’s. For further details visit frequently asked questions of this site.


McDonald’s gift cards are really a fantastic medium between customers and company to build a strong bond. We have credence that you got the effective knowledge about checking your McDonald’s gift card balance. Please contact the customer support service for more information regarding gift card balance.

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