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Are you a candidate willing to have a rewarding career? then, Alaska Airlines & Horizon Air is the right place for you. Be a part of the talent community of Airlines and introduce your self for Jobs in Alaska Airlines careers and employment.

An astonishing career mostly begins with a spectacular relationship. So, in the Alaska Airlines, the first and the foremost task is getting yourself introduced to the HR team of them. Once you introduce successfully to the airlines, you will become part of their talent community. This talent community is a set of people who is on the waitlist of the HR team. As and when the job is created you will be contacted according to your experience and qualifications. In addition to that, you may also receive a job alert email from the recruitment department along with a phone call. Reverting back is too simple that any person interested in the opening can simply choose “I’m Interested” and submit a resume for the further proceeding.

Pilot Jobs in Alaska Airlines

Pilots are the key post in any airline. The duty of the pilot is to safely lend the costly aircraft and most precious living thing that is a passenger to thousands of destinations in the world every day. These people are field experts in flying an aircraft and maintaining the safety on it. Alaska Airlines is having Boeing 737 or Q400 aircraft which is capable to fly in different conditions and geographical areas using advanced navigation technology. They are the ultimate authority for safeguarding the operation on board. In addition to that, on the humanitarian grounds, their pilots are purely professional, cultured, hard-wired and friendly men and women who are actively associated with the passengers like a family.

If you are interested in getting the job in Alaska Airlines as a Pilot then, click here.

Flight Attendant Jobs

In any flight, the second key person other than the pilot is a flight attendant. The duty of the flight attendant is to provide a happy and safe journey to the passengers. These people are experts in maintaining the decorum of the flight. They provide the best in class in-flight fly experience to the customers of Alaska Airlines. They are kind-hearted and rigorously trained for any kind of emergencies during the flight.

Interested candidates can approach for flight attendants’ job can visit the link by clicking here.

Maintenance & Engineering Jobs

For any airline fleet operating and scheduled maintenance is the key task to run flights onboard, on time, safely and with convenience. For that, a special team of maintenance engineers is run by them.

If you are willing to work in any shifts, on holiday or on weekend with a purpose to serve the passengers with the profession then, this job is the right career option for you.

To get the M & E department job, you have to visit the following link.

Software & Technology Jobs

For each employee of Alaska Airlines, unique strength and energy is the motto. Every day they go beyond expectation and work remarkable together.

As a Software & Technology contributor, this position leads with product design, problem-solving, digital properties and multi-platform problem solution approach to work for.

This workflow originates from the software & technology department which works behind the curtain to provide backend services to the employees and customers as a user of services. To get the software and technology jobs at Alaska Airlines a candidate must be willing to work in the Seattle building near the airport for their career. They need to be ready to work in a completely technology-oriented environment in the airlines to fulfill their career goals and dreams. Click here for a recent job opening updates and more information in this segment.

Corporate Office Jobs

This job deliver excellence with passion. These employees aim too high working professionals as a committed partner. In the corporate office, each day value addition and wealth creation happens in a routine schedule. To be a part of this successful campaign the candidate must be able to work in a team and as a team leader who can lead the others in the achievement of the goal.

The company’s mission vision and value statement clearly show that a dedicated employee is rewarded with due recognition that can help to grow these professional skills and personal mindset in a cultured environment.

For more details and current job opening in the corporate office, please visit following the link.


This is not the official Job portal of Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air. We are not affiliated partner with the Alaska Airlines talent community. For Job opening and resume submission please visit the career section of Alaska Airlines.

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