How to Link LPG Customer ID with SBI Online Account?

Here you will get the information about how to link or update your LPG customer id with State Bank of Indian (SBI) online banking account.

LPG subsidy is a new policy launched by the Indian government in which the government provides Rs.4000 every year to your bank account (only if you are eligible to avail this subsidy). Subsidized LPG is used in India in almost every household, although the access is limited in government schools, canteens, police stations, etc. Most domestic consumers in India can get up to 9 LPG cylinders a year. With the help of LPG subsidy policy, the government sends the cooking gas subsidy directly to the bank accounts of subscribers as a part of Direct benefit transfer (DBT) in the form of Rs.4000 every year.

Link / Update LPG Customer ID with SBI Bank Online Account

To avail this subsidy, you’d have to link your bank account to LPG customer ID. Since most people have an account in SBI, we will, therefore, explain how you can link your LPG customer ID with SBI bank account. All the instrfuctions will be given and explained in steps so as to make it easier for you to understand and follow.

But if you are someone who has no idea about the LPG customer ID, let us tell you what it is and how you can get it. Even if you are eligible to avail the benefits of LPG subsidy, you won’t be able to do so if you don’t have your LPG customer ID.

LPG customer ID is a unique 17 digit number given to every LPG subscriber all over the country.

Here’s how to get a LPG customer ID.

HP Gas LPG Customer ID Link with SBI Online Bank Account

  1. Go to HP gas website and then to 17 Digit LPG ID.
  2. Select your State and District and enter the name of your HP gas distributor. Also, enter your consumer number and click on proceed.
  3. Note down your 17-digit LPG customer ID displayed on the screen.

Indane Gas LPG Customer ID Link with SBI Online Bank Account

  1. Go to Indane gas website and then to 17 digit LPG ID.
  2. Enter 3-4 initial letters of your distributor’s name, choose the name from the auto-suggestion section and enter your consumer ID. Also, type the CAPTCHA letters as shown and proceed. Your LPG ID will be generated.
  3. Take a note of your LPG ID.

Bharat Gas LPG Customer ID Link with SBI Bank Account

  1. Go to Bharat Gas website and then to 17 digit LPG ID.
  2. Choose your state, district, distributor and enter your customer ID. Also, type the text displayed in the captcha image and click on proceed.
  3. Note down your 17 digit LPG ID.
  4. Now that you have your 17 digit LPG ID, you can link it with your SBI account quickly.

Steps to link LPG Consumer ID with SBI Bank account 

onlinesbi login website

online sbi login

  • After logging in, have a look at the left side of the screen. There’s an option that reads ‘Link LPG Customer ID,’ click on it to link your SBI account with LPG ID.
  • You will then be asked to enter some details. First, enter your transaction accounts number in the space provided. Next, enter your mobile number. Next, you will have to enter your unique 17-digit LPG consumer ID. Make sure you enter a valid number. Then you will be asked to re-enter your LPG consumer ID to make sure if it was entered the first time correctly.
  • Click on ‘submit.’
  • An OTP verification code will be sent to your mobile number to verify it. Just enter the OTP in the given space to link the account

So there it is. Just follow all the steps one by one to link your LPG consumer ID to SBI bank account.

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