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Login to Online SBI Personal Banking – State Bank of India

Login to Online SBI Personal Banking: SBI providing net banking service to their customers to use banking products via login. SBI bank now offering their online banking services through their website.

SBI bank is the biggest bank of India; it started its operation early in 19th century. It as established as bank of Calcutta in 1806. At that time it was established mainly to support the needs of European commerce. In 1823, bank began to control government banking activities. In 1860 as after the passage of paper currency act, the government gets the right to issue paper currency notes and SBI had the sole power for issuing currency notes in British India.

In 1921 the other major banks, the bank of Bombay and the bank of madras were merged with it and it got named as imperial bank of India. In 1955 the reserve bank of India acquired the imperial bank of India and now it got it name state bank of India.

Now, SBI has more than 15000 branches, 137 foreign offices in 32 countries and 51491 ATM machines.

Features of SBI Personal Banking

  • You can Pay DTH and mobile bills with online banking
  • You can block lost ATM cards through online banking account.
  • You can buy E-life insurance online
  • You can pay taxes with online banking

There are lots of other features, which help in making your work easier. Now you are login into your onlinesbi personal banking account so, you can start online banking.

Online SBI Personal Banking Login Procedure

First of all we need to mention that there are two ways to access you account. There two methods are not differentiated on the basis of any difference in type of accounts. They are differentiated on the basis of internet speed. As we know that internet speed still a problem in many rural area of India, so state bank of India gives you two flexible options in login. These are as follows. 

login to online sbi personal banking

  • Login to Online SBI Personal Banking

When you open the homepage of online SBI you can see two to boxes on the home page. One is named as personal banking and other is named as corporate banking. Under personal banking you will see two tabs, one is ‘login’ and second is ‘login lite’. If you are a high speed network then you should click on login tab

  • Login via SBI Online ‘Login Lite’

If you are using slow speed network than you should click on ‘login lite’ tab under the personal banking.

How to Login via Online SBI Personal Banking

So, today we will learn How to Login to Online SBI Personal Banking.

  • Visit the SBI online website

First of all you need to visit online banking portal of SBI and that is online sbi. On the homepage you can see two boxes named as personal banking and second as corporate banking. So, as we are talking about personal banking you need to move your mouse toward personal banking section. 


  • Choose either “Login” or “Login lite” Option.

Under the personal banking section you can see two tabs named as login and login lite. As we mentioned earlier that both two tabs differentiate just according to your internet speed.

So, if you are using high speed networks than click on login and if you are using a slow speed internet then clicks on login lite.

onlinesbi personal banking

  • Read and follow the instructions

As we have assumed that you have clicked on login than a next screen you can see instruction to keep your account safe in control of you. Just read and follow them. Thereafter click on continue to login. 

Read and follow the instructions

  • Enter your login details

Now you will see a screen prompting to fill the username and password. So fill your username and details in it and click on ‘submit’.

sbi username and password


If you have any complaints then, you can directly contact to SBI toll free number for better help support.

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