How to Use / Reload McDonald’s Arch Card

World’s leading fast-food chain, McDonald’s offers gift cards to their customers. Mcdonald’s arch card or Mcdonald’s gift cards are unique and give you various benefits and advantages. If you are searching for the Arch card then read this article ahead. Here you will get the quality information about it.

This Arch card comes in various denominations ranging from 5$ to 100$, which you can use it to get free food at any outlet of McDonald’s. You can also check the balance of your Arch card using free WiFi at any stores nearby you. With the usage of Arch Card, enjoy your delicious menu at reduced prices and free coupons.

What is McDonalds Arch card?

McDonald’s gift card is not a normal card. It has some different concept to it. McDonald’s Arch cards are offered as a manner to say thanks to their customers for their loyalty to the restaurant. The McDonald’s Arch Card comes in a whole dollar package ranging from $5-$50. You can redeem them whenever you want. It is a very attractive and cool way to gift your loved ones the arch card on their special occasions to make them feel really special. Arch Cards are a convenient way to deliver appreciation, motivation, and arch card

The Arch Card looks similar to another Gift card. But the difference is that it has no Expiry Date. Yes, it’s true. Once you buy a card, it will never expire. It is the main advantage and specialty of Arch card.

This really makes it more convenient. You can use the card anytime. There are no penalty or dormancy fees.

Benefits of using McDonald’s Arch Card

The main benefit of using McDonald’s Arch Card is getting food at their outlet on a discounted price. A person can utilize his Arch Card balance to get free food and coupons at any of the stores of McDonald’s. This Arch Card also gives you the opportunity to complete a survey on the Customer Satisfaction provided by McDonald’s on This portal offers you a quick customer satisfaction survey about the food which you have eaten at McDonald’s. You can also complete this survey by using your internet connection from your home or you can also connect to free WiFi at McDonald’s outlet near you. Please visit the FAQs section for more information regarding McDVoice and McDonald’s food along with nutritional information on burgers and other items. In addition to that, you may contact to official customer support services of them. In case you have a query regarding food you can directly go to frequently asked questions section which is given here.

How to use the Arch Card?

It is very simple to use Arch card. A Single Mcdonald’s Arch Cards can be purchased, activated or reloaded at any branch of McDonald’s restaurants.

You can reload it online at any time. It can also be auto reloaded using a credit card. You just need to bring your original activation and reload receipts along with you. You can enjoy your meal and pay for it using the Arch card.

Lost/Damaged Arch Card

If you have lost or damage your Arch card, then you can get back it easily. Use the following contacts in that case.

  • For damaged cards, call to (800) 244-6227 immediately to cancel and replace your Arch card.
  • For lost or stolen cards, call (800) 244-6227 to cancel your Arch card.

Please, cooperate with them. Because in case of replacement it will take 4-6 weeks for delivery of Arch Card.

How to reload Your Arch Gift Card?

You can reload Arch card at any time as per your comfortability and feasibility. Arch Cards are reloadable in-store whenever you want. There are three ways to reload arch cards.

  • Reload Arch card by visiting store

You need to visit your nearest McDonald’s restaurant along with your Arch card and ask them about your Arch card balance. They will tell you when your Arch card balance will finish. With this information, you are able to know whether you need to reload it or not. If you need to reload then they will provide you a reloaded card.

  • Online Reload of Arch Card

It is a simple and quick way. You require visiting their official website and reloading the card balance according to your need.

Enter the Card Number which is mentioned on your Arch Card along with the BSN.

Regular Visa Card can be used to transfer your funds to the Mcdonalds Arch Card or you can also use PayPal. These are the extra benefits of online reloading.

  • Arch Card Reload using Customer Support

Lastly, you can simply call the Mcdonald’s Customer support center and tell them to reload your Arch card. Give them the correct information about your card and get your card is ready to be used again.mcdvoice customer service phone numbers

McDonald’s Arch Card Terms & Conditions

There are some limitations regarding the utilization of cards. Here are pointed some of them:

  • This card has limitation of location. It is only valid at participating McDonald’s restaurants in the US. No fees will be charged on buying the card.
  • The card has no value until it purchased and activated.
  • No refunds are redeemable for cash. To check your Card balance, visit or call them at 1-877-458-2200
  • To reload your Card or to check their complete terms and conditions, visit their website
  • Purchase, use or acceptance of Card is mentioned in all terms and conditions.
  • Lost or stolen Cards will be canceled and replaced by new cards which will be reloaded again. Replacement of card requires an original activation receipt.
  • The card is issued by P2W Inc. NFP and represents a legal obligation solely of the same.


We strongly believe that the content gives you proper and effective knowledge about Arch cards or gift card offered by the McDonald’s. Still, you have any doubt then you can contact the customer service team and sort it out. Arch cards are special due to its extra advantages. So, buy an Arch card and utilize it to full of qualities.

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