Pilot Jobs in Alaska Airlines & Horizon Air

Alaska Airlines offers high performing pilot jobs to treat its customers with safety and kindness. The pilots are key team members for the airlines who are professionally and personally qualified. If you want to become a pilot in Alaska airlines then, here are the detailed requirements which you must fit in.

Requirements for Pilot Jobs

  • One must have completed a high school diploma or equivalent as specified by the government.
  • A degree from a recognized college (2 or 4 years) is preferred.
  • You must have a valid passport that allows you to and from travel to the US which is not restricted.
  • Your minimum age should be 23 years old and you must have authorized to work with the US.
  • Driver’s license and FAA medical certificate are required for the further process.
  • Qualification of an FAA airline transport pilot (ATP) certificate is a must.
  • Vision in both eyes must be 20/20 (correctable).
  • A minimum of 2,000 hours of total flight time in a fixed-wing aircraft or 1,200 hours of total flight time in a high-performance military aircraft suitable for this job. This criterion is relaxed if you have a 50% off rotor-wing flight time up to 1,000 hours.
  • Flight time activity should continue to a minimum of 50 hours within a year.
  • Candidate must have Knowledge of MS Office, Adobe acrobat, email and internet functions.
  • The aspirants must have a comfortability with domicile in Seattle, Los Angeles, Anchorage, Portland, San Francisco.
  • Any other at the desire of the airlines.

Contact Details of Alaska Airlines For Job of Pilot

If you are interested in the said job then, please contact the official portal of AlaskasWorld or send them an email on careers@alaskaair.com.

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This is not the official job portal of Alaska Airline or Horizon Air. We are not offering any employment opportunities for pilots in Alaska Airlines. This information is purely for guidelines purposes on how to apply for jobs in Alaska Air.

For better help support kindly, connect with them on their Alaska Air job portal.

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