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Stop Cheque Payment of Lost Cheque in SBI Net Banking –

If you are worried about your lost cheque then, here know how to stop cheque payment of lost cheque in SBI by using SBI net banking at

As we all know that we need to visit bank’s branch to stop cheque payment in bank account . But now with the SBI online net banking, it’s very easy to make stop payment of your cheques by visit

How can I stop payment of my Cheque in SBI?

The cheque is a financial document that orders a bank to pay a mentioned amount of money to the person who is bearing that cheque and also bearing his name of the cheque. However, withdrawal is the subject maximum amount available in the banking account of the issuer of the cheque. A cheque is an important document and most of the time people prefer to pay via cheque when they need to create any record or they are in deficient of cash available to them.

The cheque is an important document but sometimes either you issue a cheque by mistake or maybe you lost a cheque signed by you. In both cases, you need to stop payment of your cheque.

SBI Online

SBI online internet banking has many benefits to customers with its wide range of services one of its services includes your cheques. The website is so capable that it can do any service for you. It gives you the same satisfactory experience as you feel by visiting the branch office of a bank.

Stopping Cheque Payment in SBI Online by Using Net Banking

Here, we will learn that how can we stop payment of cheque via SBIonline banking.

  • Visit the SBI online

Visit the SBI online internet banking official website by clicking on the URL link on either just by typing the name. official website

  • Choose between the login and LOGIN lite

You will see a box of personal banking on the left side of the screen. Under this, you will find two login buttons, ‘Log in’ and ‘LOGIN lite’. personal banking

If you are using the high-speed internet then you must click on ‘Log in’ but if you are using a slow speed network then you need to click on ‘LOGIN lite’. So choose a login option according to your network speed. As we are on a high-speed network so will click on ‘Log in’.

  • Read the precaution

After clicking the ‘LOGIN’ you will see the next screen where you can read all the precautions regarding using their account with more safety and privacy. So, read and follow all the precautions carefully. And click on continue to login.

SBIOnline Login

  • Enter your username and password

Now you will see a screen prompting you to enter your internet banking username and password. Fill the details in it, i.e., your net banking username and password. And click on the submit tab. 

onlinesbi login

  • Click on e-service

Once you have logged in, you should click on e-Services. You can find tab of e-services on the top ribbon on the screen. 

SBIonline eservices

  • Stop cheque payment

When you click on e-services, the next screen appears to you. Here you can find the option named as ‘stop cheque payments’.  Here you need to enter the details about the cheque a means its start cheque number and end cheque number and select a reason for making stop payments. Once you can correctly filled the information in all fields. Click on ‘submit’ tab. 

stop cheque payment in SBI online

  • Verify

After that SBI online banking website will ask you to verify the details. Please read all the details carefully and now click on ‘confirm’ if you find all the details are correct.


This is how you can stop the payment of a cheque via using the SBI Online banking website. it is as easy as just your fingers move. So, enjoy the benefits of SBI online banking.

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