AlaskasWorld: Employee Paperless Travel Login [PET]

Alaska Air paperless employee travel login portal is available at You need to have a valid login id and password for Alaska Airlines and horizon air are having their online login portal for their prestigious employees. They can get the details about their flight schedule and duty information on this portal. In addition to that, you can get your job benefits details and tools to manage your job plans easily on that website.

PET Login Portal

Alaska Airlines and horizon air are one of the biggest airlines in the United States of America. Each year so many candidates are willing to get the desired job in and horizon air, But due to very tough competition among the candidates, only a few can get their dream job in Alaska Airlines.

How to get login details?

Once you got the jobs in Alaska Airline then, you can access their paperless employee’s travel login portal. This portal may help you to identify your daily duties, job schedules, your employee benefits and any other information which is useful in your job that can get you maximum benefits from your airline.

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Software & Technology Jobs Maintenance & Engineering Jobs
Flight Attendance Jobs Pilot Jobs
Jobs in Alaskas Airlines Customer Service Numbers
Change User Profile Reset Login Password

Another employee login site is also available at which is of the horizon airline company. It is nevertheless to say that Alaska Airline and horizon air are one of the most favorite workplaces. When you are an employee to them, you can get travel discounts on your own trip. For that, you must have to the PeopleSoft employee number and password which is given to you by the HR section of Alaska Air. This Peoplesoft number is used to sign in to the PET portal.

Information Needed For Logging in AlaskasWorld

The employees of Alaskasworld must have a valid login id and password to access their account. In case, you do not have these details, one must get them first from the HR team of Alaska Airline or Horizon Air.

  • Alaska Airline’s login id or Horizon Air login id.
  • A valid password is given by them.
  • If you do not have it then, first you have to create it.
  • You can create it by PeopleSoft Employee number.
  • In case you want to change password of the Alaskasworld PET login portal then go to the following link.

Steps to log in Alaskasworld PET Portal

The following are the detailed steps to get through the portal which provides you all the information paperless for the employees in real-time bases which is useful to manage their dashboard.

Step 1: You need to go to or

  • Step 2: A screen is shown with four options which are “Fly“, ““, “Jobs at Alaska” and “M&E vendor site“.
  • Step 3: Choose the second option.
  • Step 4: The site will redirect you to the direct login page which demands “Username” and “Password“ pet login
  • Step 5: Click the Sign in button if you have these two details. Else, you can choose to change your password, forgot password and create a password.
  • Step 6: In Addition to that, you can also, manage your profile by logging in to the portal.

Benefits of Employee Portal

Alaska Airline is having more than 20 thousand people working under its hood. Headquartered in Seattle, it connects the major transportation centers to small towns. Earlier, it is called McGee airways but now it is Alaska Airlines. This company is known for various benefits that are provided to its employees in terms of loyalty reward points, discounts on the cost of tickets, restaurant voucher codes and free cocktails.

benefits of alaskasworld pet login

  • Loyal employees of Alaska Airlines will get loyalty reward points which can be used to redeem at shopping points of various partner brands of the Airlines to get discounts.
  • If the employee travels for own purpose alone or with family, the company gives discounts to the cost of the tickets.
  • Restaurant voucher codes of many popular food chains in the USA are also given to the employee in reward of their dedication to the company.
  • On the event of the anniversary or birthday of the employee or any family member of them, the airline company offers them a range of free cocktails at their residence or a party place showing gratitude toward them.
  • The Airlines also gives free wifi passcodes to access wifi at selected places to complete the job tasks assigned to the employees.


AlaskasWorld is the paperless employee travel login portal. People use this portal to access their job schedules, day to day tasks and their flight details. Alaska Airlines is popular for flying all across the world along with horizon airlines. This portal makes it easy to manage all the in-flight information for employees of Alaska Airlines online. Indeed, it is a pure paperless service that makes it handy to the customers and employees of the Alaska world.

Any user in which a smart device or a laptop with internet access can log in to the portal with a valid user name and password.

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